L'Ardoise Acadian Festival

 The L'Ardoise Acadian Festival is made possible with the support of the parish along with many volunteers.  Each year, this core group of volunteers makes sure that the events and entertainment happen, and they've been doing it for over 50 years!  This event often represents a homecoming of sorts for many immediate and extended family members but it also provides an opportunity for those not yet connected to the community to discover what we have to offer.

Festival acadien de L'Ardoise

Le festival acadien de L'Ardoise est rendue possible grâce aux efforts de la communauté et plusieurs bénévoles. Depuis plus de 50 ans, chaque année, ce groupe de la communauté s'assurent toujours que les événements et spectacles se réalisent. Le festival présente une chance aux familles de se réunir et retourner chez nous, en même temps offre l'occasion aux visiteurs de venir fêter avec nous!

Beginning of the Festival

The L’Ardoise Acadian Festival started as a fundraiser for the parish. From that simple affair it has grown into a lively five day festival at the end of July since 1962. Acadians can celebrate the pioneers of L’Ardoise who came to the area circa 1750, close to the time of the defeat of the Fortress of Louisbourg to the English. Many fished for a living, although some are listed as being coasters by trade, which may refer to ships which trade along the coast. Their lives may have been simple, but they have left a rich and fascinating culture.

Thursday and Friday of the festival are often devoted to family and children’s events such as games and food fairs. On friday night, the pub usually opens with live local Acadian entertainment. Saturday is devoted to a parade with fabulous floats, craft booths featuring products by local artisans, and many kinds of games and other activities. On the last day, Mass is held and the celebrations are capped off with a special evening of entertainment.


Origine du festival acadien

Le Festival Acadien de L’Ardoise date depuis l’année 1907, donc à ce temps là c’était nommé “le pique-nique” et c’étais toujours le 15 aôut pour célébrer la fête de Notre-Dame De L’Assomption et pour recueillir des argents pour l’église. Entre 1922 et 1961 le “pique-nique” devient de plus en plus grand à tous les ans avec plus d’activités. C’est en 1962 qu’on a vu le premier véritable Festival Acadien ici a L’Ardoise.